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"Remember my name, you'll be screaming it later!"

Goth-tails anyone?

So I have had in the works a list of "Cocktails" and thought I would share them if you wanted to experiment the next time you have a gathering.

(*Measurement 1=1 shot)

Shooters: (served in shot glass)
Bloody Nail: 1/2 Drambuie 1/2 Port
Weeping Nipple: Bailey’s; Sambuca; Grenadine floated
Death: 1/2 black sambuca; 1/2 tequila. Layer
Flat liner: 1/2 shot sambuca; 1/2 shot vodka; dash Tabasco sauce. Layer Tabasco sauce on top of the sambuca. Then carefully layer the vodka on top of them all. (Shooter)

Slammers: (served in tumbler)
Hellshot: 1 absinthe; 1vodka
Just Kill Me Now: 1 absinthe; 1 sambuca; 1 tequila mix all together

Built-up Cocktails: (served in tall glasses or tumblers, you decide)
Haemoglobin: 1 Vodka; 1 Strawberry liquor; Cherry juice, pour over crushed ice
Hemingway: 1/2 Absinthe; Champagne (serve in Champagne glass)
Bug Juice: 1/2 Melon Liquor; 1/2 Blue Curacao; 1/2 Vodka and Mix with Cranberry Juice
Zombie: 1/4 shot peach schnapps; 1/4 shot white rum; 3 count orange juice; 3 count pineapple juice; drizzle around the edge of glass grenadine; drizzle around edge of glass blue Curacao; 1/4 shot dark rum; layer into a tall glass 3/4 full of ice.
Ferocious Bitch: 1 Midori; 1 Curacao; 1 bottle blue wkd; lemonade. Half fill a pint glass with ice. Add the Midori and Blue Curacao, then add the bottle of Blue WKD. Top up with Lemonade if desired (or add a couple shots of vodka for extra kick)
Red Witch: 1 pernod; 1 vodka ;1 dash blackcurrant cordial; 1/2 pint cider. Mix pernod, vodka and blackcurrant in a pint glass. Top up with cider and stir.
Purple People Eater: 1/2 Bacardi; 1/2 peach schnapps; 1/2 blue curacao; 10ml grenadine as much lemonade as you like, mix all ingredients and pour over ice.
Molester: 1 tia maria; 1/2 lime cordial;lemonade. Mix together well and drink in a small glass with plenty of ice.
Cob Web: 1 Bacardi; 1 tequila; 1 brandy; lemonade. Mix together in a cocktail glass with ice.
Babys Blood: 1 campari; 1 cherry brandy; 3 measures orange juice

Shaken, Stirred or Blended Cocktails: (Blended means the use of a blender)
Absinthe Minded: 1/4 measure absinthe; 3/4 measure sweet vermouth; 1 cointreau. Pour all ingredients in Boston Shaker. Fill up with fresh ice and stir. Strain into a frosted martini glass. Flame an orange peel over it and drop in
White Spider: 2 vodka; 1 creme de menthe. Shake together well with ice and strain into chilled cocktail glass.
Nightmare: 1 madeira; 2 gin ;1 cherry brandy; 1 dash orange juice. Shake all together with crushed ice and strain into chilled cocktail glass.
Fallen Angel: 2 gin; 1 teaspoon creme de menthe; dash angostura bitters; 1 lime juice. Shake all together with ice. Strain into cocktail glass and garnish with cherry.
Screaming Banshee: 1 Kahlua; 1 Irish Cream; 1 Amaretto; 1 Vodka and shake on Ice
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