Raven Moon (raven_moon) wrote in the_widows_web,
Raven Moon

In search of a purple chair...

I know I have seen some yummy, gothy furniture mentioned in some of these comms, but looking back I can't seem to find the references I *think* I remember. SO:

Does anyone have any idea where (in the US, if there are members here) I can find a nice, scooshy, comfy, BIG overstuffed chair in purple? I prefer velvet ot some sort of chenille/pile/etc., but anything in purple would be awesome!

I am in the midwest, so Indianapolis, Cinci, St Louis & even Chicago or Milwaukee are possibilities. I don't mind ordering online, either, as long as delivery isn't outrageous.

Thanks, everyone! Sorry for the X-posting spam...
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Deleted comment

I do love thier stuff... The shipping is a little steep though. If I can't find anything else, I may have to save for a little while longer, and then do it.

Thanks for the idea though, I am totally bookmarking it!

animal prints, flames, dice, stars and monster fur. oh. and purple stuff, too. :)
Wow! These are great! The shipping is still a bit more, but it is a lot lower than some of the other online sites I've looked at. Thanks so much for this! I have already requested some fabric swatches.... *grin*