"Remember my name, you'll be screaming it later!" (miserysmalice) wrote in the_widows_web,
"Remember my name, you'll be screaming it later!"

I thought I would share. (Decor Ideas)

I found the most helpful site for some home decor ideas and due to Halloween being just around the corner I thought I would share this delight of a site Halloween Town Store.. Just to give you a taste of what’s there, feel free to look behind the cuts (Beware there is a heap of images behind these cuts).

::Possessed Pictures::
These delights change their portrait image like a holographic image, for example an unsuspecting Great Aunt can change into Medusa. A few of these among a wall of some old family black and whites would be a treat.

Looking to create a mood or tizzy up a dark corner of a room without the use of candles? Or maybe you want to dress up this years Christmas trees with a little twist? Then this may be for you..
Frankenstein Small lights:

Dracula small lights:

Skull and tombstone small lights:

::Manchester & Household Items::
Those plain black towels don’t cut the mustard anymore? Want your guests to gasp in awe at your quirky yet gothy themed toilet? Are you finding it hard to find the small things to fill your home that capture your personality? Then maybe you need to look here.
Coffin hand towel:

Spider web bath mat and toilet seat set:

Skulls bath towel:

Skull and crossbones shower curtain:

Spider web material accessories:

Spider web throw rug:

Raven treat jar:

Skull salt and pepper shaker:

Skeleton plates:

Coffin rug:
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