Themgora Yersinia (theladysamantha) wrote in the_widows_web,
Themgora Yersinia

Some of my stuff... (take two...)

Some of my own artwork...

Then my own stuff. An enlargement of a picture I took of a gravestone in Charleston, SC (highly recomended place to visit for the graveyards and cathedrals alone (if you can stand the heat)):

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A painting I did in high school... This sucker is big; approximatly 66 inches long or 5 feet 5 inches (almost as tall as me!) and 3 feet wide. I love this painting and it is my favorite in my series. Can you tell I have an industrial fascination? :

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Another industrial(ish) painting I did. This one is done in tempra paints (thick watercolors?) Its better in person; its just that the light hit it funny on the spots that got wrinkly from the excess water I used when blending the colors...:

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And finally, my gear and my mozaic. I love this gear and want to make a clock out of it at some point...:

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Hope you like!
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