The Cookie Monster (cookiemon) wrote in the_widows_web,
The Cookie Monster


I was looking for some furniture to butcher at the Homemaker center behind Highpoint Mall, and found full sized classical chick bird cages.

Blackened, with a foam padded floor (perhaps upholstered in PVC or fun-fur) and the perches removed, one of these could be turned into a nice addition to the right room. Sadly my 'new' place isn't really in the style for this kind of thing that the old place was.

On top of that you get a prop for photoshoots, and... other stuff...

It was $300-and-something, which is a lot, but still only a fraction of what that sort of thing purpose-built costs.

(Incidentally, while I guess you could paint it, you could turn the metal itself black with a bluing solution, which you can get from gun stores)

(the more I think of ways you could fix this up, the more tempting it is to go ahead despite the style problems - I think it would look great raised up on sturdy ornate legs. To many other things to do tho)
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