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Oh, who? Her? Hell yeah!

Help identify this table?

This table was my first antique purchase. It came from the estate of a prominent local attorney who willed his estate to a nearby university. The university took what they wanted and held an auction to dispose of the rest. What was left over filled the events building of the county fairgrounds and took almost 8 hours to complete.

It was love at first sight when I saw it.

It is 17 1/2" high and 17 1/2" wide (widest point to widest point) and weighs 21 pounds (9.8 kilos). I don't know what kind of wood it is, it's kind of reddish. The top is a slab of pink marble (looks like there is a yellow-ish tint in the photos, there isn't in person). There are four legs, with claw and ball feet.

The table is heavily carved, with flowers on the wood that forms a square between the legs, and a "demon" face on each corner. 

When I took it home and flipped it over for closer inspection and dusting, I found a small yellowed piece of typewritten paper affixed to the underside (nearly impossible to photograph; see below) that said:  " SAVE -- Companion piece of this antique stand is located at Museum of University of Vermont, Burlington VT.  We saw it and compared Oct 1971."   A few years ago I emailed the UV's museum regarding this table but never received a response (surprise surprise!) I tried again today; we'll see what happens.

There is a second sticker on the bottom but it is kind of crunched.  It says "Item #60 (2(?)crunched words, one ending in -ty) BOWES"

Anyone care to venture a guess or opinion regarding the age, origin, value of this table?  The attorney and his wife traveled extensively throughout the world, and there were a lot of Oriental pieces at the auction. That, combined with the demon faces on the corners and a wood I'm not familiar with, leads me to believe this is maybe Oriental? The claw and ball feet lead me to believe it's Victorian. Feel free to prove/disprove my theories. I'm anxious to hear what you all have to say!

The winning bid for this table was $125 in 2003.
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