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Hello! Someone pointed me over here from gothroyalty. I wish I had found this community ages ago!

Anyway, I'm in my last year of college, and that means I still live in a dorm. Every year I just usually make a... collage on my wall of old posters, paintings and stuff cannabalized from magazines. This year, my roommate and I want something a little different. This was inspired when I found silk black roses on sale and made a vase.

So who has any ideas or even stories about adventures in college decorating?

Black roses: a dollar each
Purple vase: about two dollars
Black felt "soil": 20 cents
I never made a bouquet before in my life...

These are my bookshelves (only person on a college campus who has a bookshelf, I think). I want to maybe cover them with fabric, since they are a bit of an eyesore....

I haven't started to decorate yet, which is why I figure now is a great time to ask!
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A good way to cover your bookcases would be a slip cover to go over the outside of them....

gothicmarthasteward has some good it. the links on my home pc.
Halloween fabric should be coming in to the sewing stores shortly. Buy some fabric to cover the book shelf and make matching curtains.
when you make your bouquets you can cut some of the rose stems so they are different sizes to show more of the details in the roses.. also getting some open ones to mix in with the closed roses give it a little more pop..

also you can get crushed velvet in stores year round.. and they make great curtains or great covers for furniture..
also, if you have anywhere you can spray paint.. stone fleck spray paint is great for getting a little of the dark feel.. and very easy to do..