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the_widows_web's Journal

Gothic Housekeeping
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::The Black Widow meticulously spins and maintains her web, and so do we::

This is a community for those of the Dark or Gothic persuasion and they allow for it to show through in their home/living space or are looking for ideas to do so.

::What We Want::
Please share your ideas, questions, bargains, patterns, photos (all behind a lj cut), experiences, helpful tips and hints for making or maintaining your domain quirky, dark and Gothic. From spider web cross-stitch patterns to table decor for a festive dinner party this community is for all those “How do I….?”, “Where can I…?” Or even “I have bought….. and wanted to share…..” situations.

::What We Don't Want::
Please, no commercial postings! If you're enquiring or sharing ideas about Gothic Housekeeping then your welcome to join, but if you want to post auctions, advertisements, promotions or the similar, please don't waste your time here.
I want to keep the_widows_web an informative, creative and spam-free community. If you have posted a "questionable post" “Admin/Mods” will comment/reply to you and remove it. If you are persistent after the initial warning, your next spam-post will be deleted without warning and you will be banned.

::Good Reading and Useful Information::

Morbid Outlook
Gothic Charm School (Formerly K.A. Gothic Miss Manners)
Goth Martha-Stewart
Encyclopedia Gothica

::Know your Owner/Moderators::

Owner+ miserysmalice

Moderators+ pixelatedtrash (layout creator.xx)